Streamlining Data Processes with Workiva

Streamlining Data Processes with Workiva

Tired of manually copying and pasting data between spreadsheets? Worried about formula errors and inconsistent reports? The Workiva Data Management Suite can help! By automating data extraction, transformation, and aggregation, you can save time, gain control, and ensure the accuracy of your reports.

The Problem with Spreadsheet Silos

Every team grapples with the complexities of data wrangling for reports. Whether for regulatory compliance or internal analysis, reports often rely on intricate, customized spreadsheets that become isolated data silos. While creators may cherish their spreadsheets, they are often plagued by manual procedures, formulaic errors, and review headaches. Many users attempt to shoehorn extensive data into Excel, rendering their work cryptic and difficult for others to decipher. This complexity inevitably leads to errors, wasted time, and challenges in collaboration.

From Chaos to Control: How Workiva Solves Your Data Wrangling Woes

Workiva's data management suite, comprised of Chains, Pipelines, Tables, and Queries, allows for building predictable and repeatable processes. By shifting some of the complexity upstream into Wdata queries, Chains, and Pipeline processes, or even into the source system extraction process, users gain command over their data while ensuring consistency.

Striking the Right Balance: Harmonizing Control and Consistency in Your Data

When integrating the Data Management Suite into your workflow, striking a balance between consistency and control is crucial. As a business user, relocating complexity further upstream may entail relinquishing some control over the data fed into your work papers, while bringing it closer to the spreadsheet heightens risk. The key lies in identifying the optimal placement of complexity. Leveraging Wdata Chains to extract data from your source system, Pipelines to refine data into the desired format, Wdata Tables to cache extensive datasets, and Queries to aggregate and enrich data for use in downstream spreadsheets and reports—all while retaining the flexibility to apply any final adjustments within a Wdesk Spreadsheet—enables business users to achieve the best of both worlds.

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